READINGS FOR Art History 009, Writing About Asian Art			
Reference Reading:  these books are for sale at the Penn Book Center.  
They will also be placed on reserve in the Furness library.
	Roy Craven, A Concise History of Indian Art.
	Michael Sullivan, The Arts of China.
	Diana Eck, Darsan:  Seeing the Divine Image in India.
	Stella Kramrisch, Painted Delight (at the PMA bookstore).
Books and Articles on Reserve:  at the Furness Fine Arts Library.  You 
may want to find the books or journals from which these have been 
xeroxed, as the original images will be clearer than photocopies.

		1.  Looking
			Erwin Panofsky, "Introductory I," in Studies in 
Iconology (New York:  Oxford University Press, 1939; first reprint, New 
York:  Harper & Row, 1962):  3-17.
			Max Loehr, Ritual Vessels of Bronze Age China 
(New York:  The Asia Society, 1968).
		2.  Organizing
			J. M. Rosenfield, "On the Dated Carvings of 
Sarnath," Artibus Asiae XXVI, I (1963):  10-26. 
			J. M. Rosenfield, "The Arts of Buddhist India in 
the Boston Museum," MFA Bulletin LXIII, no. 333 (1965):  130-167.
		3.  Analyzing
			Michael W. Meister, "The Pearl Roundel in Chinese 
Textile Design," Ars Orientalis 8 (1970): 255-267.
			Philip Rawson, "The Methods of Indian Sculpture," 
Oriental Art :  136-143.
 		4.  Criticizing
			Michael Baxandall, "The Language of Art 
Criticism" in The Language of Art History, ed. Salim Kemal and Ivan 
Gaskell (Cambridge University Press, 1991):  67-75.
			Roger Fry, "Chinese Art" and "Indian Art" in Last 
Lectures (New York:  The MacMillan Co., 1939):  97-149; 150-169. 
		5.  Specifics of Looking and Use:  Writing what is and 
what you feel
			Oswald Siren, Ch. 2:  "Introduction" and "The 
Sung Period," in The Chinese on the Art of Painting (Peking, 1936):  1-5; 
			Vishakha N. Desai, "Painting and Politics in 
Seventeenth-Century North India:  Mewar, Bikaner, and the Mughal Court," 
Art Journal  49, no. 4 (Winter, 1990):  370-378.
			Michael W. Meister, "De- and Re-constructing the 
Hindu Temple," Art Journal 49, no. 4 (Winter, 1990):  395-400.
			Richard Davis, "Loss and Recovery of Ritual Self 
Among Hindu Images," Journal of Ritual Studies 6/1 (Winter 1992):  43-61.	
			Meister, Michael W.  "Display as Structure and 
Revelation:  On Seeing the Shiva Exhibition," Studies in Visual 
Communication:  83-89.
			Roland Barthes, "Ornamental Cookery," in 
Mythologies, selected and trans. by Annette Lavers from the French 
Mythologies (Paris:  Editions du Seuil, 1957; first Eng. trans, New 
York:  Jonathon Cape Ltd., 1972; 24th printing, New York:  The Noonday 
Press, 1990):  78-80. 
			Annie Dillard, "Lenses," in Teaching a Stone to 
Talk (New York:  Harper & Row Publishers, 1982)  104-109.